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Once upon a time, a small business owner was looking for a company who could help him reach both current and future clients. He wanted to have a distinct feel for his company, a beautiful website, and reliable website hosting so the design would be visible to his customers. But between the countless design firm suitors offering sky-high prices and the family friend who often had other higher priorities, the owner was near his wit's end.

Sound familiar?

That is the story of Howard*, who was wondering what to do until Design Flaire came along. He now enjoys a look he can be proud of and an updated website to keep customers coming back. He even refers his friends to Design Flaire, which magically turns his already-made friendships into credits he can use toward website hosting or maintenance.

Do you want a happy ending like Howard? Then turn to us. And we don't use the magic wand to make your fairy tale come true. Instead we use industry-standard software and years of experience in the design field to conjure the website, multimedia or print project of your dreams.

We'll help you find the perfect fit for your business, and you too can live happily ever after with your new design.

* Howard is a compromise of several of our clients' history.

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